Why the Media Needs to Shut Up About Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has been everywhere lately thanks to some photographs of her kissing marriedSnow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders that were leaked to tabloids and gossip blogs. Needless to say, Twi-hards are all a twitter over these randy photos. It isn’t so much because Stewart is kissing a married man, it’s because she cheated on Robert Pattinson, her Twilight costar and boyfriend.

Now, I have a number of issues with this “scandal.” For starters, I’m in the camp that thinks this is a huge publicity stunt to keep Stewart and Pattinson in the spotlight until Breaking Dawn Part Two comes out in November. Seriously, she’s been in the public eye for how long and she’s making out with a married man in an open parking lot? Really? I bet you dollars for doughnuts that the couple will have a miraculous reunion weeks before the premiere, where Pattinson will forgive Stewart, and all will be well in Twilight land. However, that being said, I’m still not digging the attitude many bloggers and Twi-hards are taking with Stewart.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of placing the sole blame on the “other woman,” and I’m mentioning it again. Stewart was not the only one in that parked car. I’m really sick and tired of people claiming that she single-handedly destroyed not only her relationship, but the marriage of the director who is also a father of two, who (as of this post) is still in his relationship, and has had almost nothing negative happen to him career-wise.

I’m also annoyed that Pattinson has been accused of cheating on Stewart many, many times, and he hasn’t had any negative ramifications for his actions. He hasn’t had Twilight fans make videos asking him “how could he hurt Kristen?!” He hasn’t been kicked off film projects like Stewart has–it was announced earlier this week that Stewart would not be in the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman, the project is now being retooled as spin-off film for Chris Hemsworth, who played the Huntsman.

Now, is Stewart completely innocent? Of course not, she was caught with a married man while in a relationship of her own. But is she the only one involved? Uh, no. The way the tabloids and gossip blogs are treating her is awful, as if she is the first young adult woman to cheat on her boyfriend. Perhaps this “scandal” is intensified as they are in the public eye and Stewart and Pattinson are the stars of one of the biggest film franchises ever, but as I’ve said again and again–women in the popular media just can’t win. If Pattinson had been caught cheating, he’d be fine, and people would either be pissed at her for leaving him or staying with him. How the hell is that fair?

So, what’s your take, LivLunatics? Is Stewart getting what she deserves, or is it time we tell the media to back off when it comes to these situations, to stop making “good girls” and “bad girls” simply because of one bad action? Shout it out in the comments!

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